Hände, DNS-Strang
Hände, DNS-Strang

Luftaufnahme von München
Luftaufnahme von München

Ottostraße Eingang
Ottostraße Eingang

Hände, DNS-Strang
Hände, DNS-Strang

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Nils Thoennissen


Diseases always concern humans throughout

their body, thought and emotional world

Range of therapeutic services

Personalised tumour therapy

Molecular, targeted therapies and immunotherapies (including after gene expression analysis)

Holistic and individual advice and creation of

therapy concepts

Potentiation of radiation and/or chemotherapy

Reducing side effects, improving the tolerability

of cytotoxic therapies

Combined metronomic therapies

Albumin carrier therapy (including MTX-HSA)

Milieu therapy (acid-base balance, nutrition, intestinal flora, micronutrients, enzymes,...)

Mitochondrial medicine

and more, please contact us

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Chronic and malignant diseases can arise when the body's environment is negatively affected by a variety of so-called multifactorial influences, such as: 

  • Hereditary factors

  • chronic infections and/or inflammatory processes

  • unhealthy eating habits

  • permanent stress

  • emotional conflicts

  • unsupportive thinking habits

  • obesity and lack of exercise

  • increasing physical or chemical influences such as heavy/light metal pollution and environmental toxins



should therefore focus on the whole human being in the diagnosis and choice of their therapeutic measures, and not just look at the diseased cells in isolation.

Incorporating multiple factors, our practice employs state-of-the-art integrative measures in both diagnostics and therapy to individually provide the best possible treatment.

Second opinion in tumour therapie

In addition to cancer, our practice team also provides support:

Chronic Fatique
Multiple sclerosis
Alzheimer's disease

For stroke patients

the private doctor Dr Nils Thoennissen, as medical director of the day clinic CBC Health Med

Munich GmbH in Ottostr. 3, Munich, in cooperation with one of the largest private

stem cell banks in Europe, offers one of the world's most advanced therapies.

Please contact us.